Thursday, September 8, 2011

Non 25

Derek Bailey


a) Duane Pitre- Music for microtonal guitars and mallets (Quiet Design)
b) The Spanish Donkey- XYX (Northern Spy)
c) Mike Olson- Incidental 6 (Henceforth)
d) Fulminate Trio- Tiger variations (Generate)
e) Derek Bailey, Dennis Palmer, Bob Stagner- Catfish night (Shaking Ray)
f) Mary Halvorson Quintet- Sea seizure (No. 19) (Firehouse 12)

a) del disco Spectra- Guitar in the 21st Century (2009).
b) del disco XYX (2011).
c) del disco Incidental (2009).
d) del disco Fulminate Trio (2008).
e) del disco Live at Lamar's (1999).
f) del disco Saturn Sings (2010).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Non 24

My Cat Is An Alien


a) Uton- Spirit of the million woods (Musik Atlach)
b) Sh- The elegy of Luthien (Zero)
c) Mamuthones- Mj74 (Boring Machines)
d) Terje Isungset- Two moons (All Ice)
e) Hompak- El codigo (Auto Editado)
f) Architeuthis Walks On Land- Below the thermocline (Carrier)
g) Valerio Cosi- Mozambico (Porter)
h) Bill Gould, Jared Blum- Notes from the field (Koolarrow)
i) My Cat Is An Alien- Everything crashes like cosmic debris (Opax/A Silent Place)

a) del disco From The Twilight, Next To Nowhere And Disappeared (2011).
b) del 7" 深き森から (1983)
c) del disco Mamuthones (2010).
d) del disco Two Moons (2007).
e) del disco Fiesta Maya
f) del disco Natura Naturans (2010).
g) del disco Collected Works (2008).
h) del disco The Talking Book (2011).
i) del disco Cosmic Debris Vol. III (2007).