Thursday, October 27, 2011

Non 28



a) Toca Loca- Ma'Mounia (Henceforth)
b) X_Brane- Hishi (Amor Fati)
c) Robert Kusiolek/Anton Sjarov/Ksawery Wójcińskii/Klaus Kugel- Chapter 5 (Multikulti Project)
d) Kali Z. Fasteau/William Parker/Cindy Blackman- Liquid geometry (Flying Note)
e) Lou Grassi's Po Band w/ Marshall Allen- LouRa (Porter)

a) del disco Shed (2010).
b) del disco Penche Un Peu Vers L'angle (2010).
c) del disco Nuntium (2010).
d) del disco An Alternative Universe (2011).
e) del disco Live At The Knitting Factory Volume 1 (2010).

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Non 27



a) Ellen Fullman- Never gets out of me (Important)
b) Khyam Allami- The descent (Maqam Nawa) (Nawa)
c) À Qui Avec Gabriel- アルジュナ (Musik Atlach)
d) Cut Hands- Bia mintatu (Very Friendly/Susan Lawly)
e) Bailey, Denio & Palmer- The ole-time Religion (Shaking Ray)
f) Bill Orcutt- Lost they book (Editions Mego)
g) Warren Smith- Prince black knight (Porter)
h) Beru- Prophecies Of Love + Gravities Power (Thor's Rubber Hammer)

a) del disco Through Glass Panes (2011)
b) del disco Resonance/Dissonance (2011)
c) del disco 慈しみの雨のなかで (2010)
d) del disco Afro Noise I (2011)
e) del disco The Gospel Record (2005)
f) del disco How the Thing Sings (2011)
g) del disco Dragon Dave Meets Prince Black Knight From The Darkside Of The Moon (1988/RE:2011)
h) del disco What Would I Do Without You (2009)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Non 26

Stephen Vitiello


a) Yui Onodera- Track 3 (Trumn)
b) Fabio Orsi- The theft of a rose (Time Released Sound)
c) Anla Courtis with V/VM- Newsnight (Porter)
d) Lawrence English- The hunting life (Experimedia)
e) Ithi- Distance and location (Utech)
f) Stephen Vitiello + Machinefabriek- Live in Montreal (Nuun)
g) Deadbeat- Third quarter (BLKRTZ)

a) del disco Entropy (2005 RE:2009).
b) del disco The Theft Of A Rose (2011).
c) del disco The Torrid (2011).
d) del disco The Peregrine (2011).
e) del disco The Persistance Of Meaning (2011).
f) del disco Birds In A Box (2011)
g) del disco Drawn & Quartered (2011).