Thursday, November 17, 2011

Non 31

Denman Maroney


a) Kim Cascone- The knotted constellation (extract) (Monotype)
b) Margaret Noble- Max's bells (FEM)
c) Rhys Chatham- Outdoor spell (Northern Spy)
d) Carousell- Artery (Digitalis)
e) John Coxon/Wadada Leo Smith- Urban air voices (Treader)
f) Bill Orcutt- The visible bosom (Editions Mego)
g) Dither- Vectors (Henceforth)
h) Christian Marclay- Graffiti composition 3 (Dog W/A Bone)
i) Denman Maroney- Double zero part VI (Porter)
j) John Tchicai and Cadentia Nova Dancia- Fodringsmontage (MPS/Promising)

a) del disco The Knotted Constellation (2011).
b) del disco Early Works (2007).
c) del disco Outdoor Spell (2011).
d) del disco Black Swallow & Other Songs (2009, RE: 2011)
e) del disco Brooklyn Duos (2007).
f) del disco How The Thing Sings (2011).
g) del disco Dither (2010).
h) del disco Graffiti Composition (2010).
i) del disco Double Zero (2011).
j) del disco Afrodisiaca (1969, RE: 2008).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Non 30

Terje Isungset


a) Geir Jenssen- Palung: A yak caravan is coming (Ash)
b) Charlie Morrow- Windsong (XI)
c) Laurel Halo- Heuristic gag factor (NNA Tapes)
d) Tyler Potts- Winging (Dragon's Eye)
e) Swissair- Tune (N & B Research Digest)
f) Bright Duplex- Egg harbor (Thor's Rubber Hammer)
g) Terje Isungset- Green (Icemusic)
h) Dorgon- String quartet (Jumbo)
i) Bai tian, Anders Peterson, The Loop Orchestra, Shizi- Ya Ji (Kwanyin)

a) del disco Cho Oyu 8201m: Field Recordings From Tibet (2006).
b) del disco Toot! (2011).
c) del disco Antenna (2011).
d) del disco The Deluge (2007).
e) del disco 15. joulukuuta 1981 (2008).
f) del disco Strawberry Trust (2009).
g) del disco Iceman Is (2002).
h) del disco IIII (1997).
i) del disco Ya Ji 1 (2008).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Non 29



a) William Fowler Collins/Gog- Abandonment (Utech)
b) Goh Lee Kwang- Track 7 (Herbal)
c) Critikal- Rapture periods (Kvitnu/Nexsound/Zeromoon)
d) Sudden Infant- Geheimnis 2 (Recordings For The Summer)
e) Merzbow- Vanamali and Sharavan (Hypnagogia)

a) del disco Malpais (2011).
b) del disco Internal Pleasures (2004).
c) del disco Graphorrhea (2007).
d) del disco Geheimnis (2009).
e) del disco Surabhi (2011).