Thursday, March 22, 2012

Non 44

Moritz Von Oswald Trio


a) Moritz Von Oswald Trio- Horizontal structure 5 (Honest Jon's)
b) eRikm- Sossusvlei (Room 40)
c) Andrea Belfi- C (Room 40)
d) Demdike Stare- Erosion of mediocrity (Modern Love)
e) Oval- Tweakk (Shitkatapult)
f) Kabutogani- Ducts x Absent = propostion 3 mx (Electroton)
g) Black Rain- Biotechno 1 and 2 (Blackest Ever Black)
h) Pete Swanson- Man with potential (Type)
i) Dalglish- 7.2005 (Record Label/Highpoint Lowlife)
j) Ben Vida- EnnerForrance (Esstend III) (Pan)

a) del disco Horizontal Structure (2011).
b) del disco Transfall (2012).
c) del disco Wege (2012).
d) del disco Elementa Part Threel: Rose (2012).
e) del disco OvalDNA (2011).
f) del disco Cymma (2011).
g) del disco Now I'm Just A Number (2012).
h) del disco Man With Potential (2011).
i) del disco Benacah Drann Deachd (2011).
j) del disco 'esstends-Esstends-Esstends' (2012).

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Non 43

Simon Balestrazzi


a) Aelter- Clarity I (Eternal Warfare/Handmade Birds)
b) Deep-Pression- Northern pomerania movie edition (Self-Released)
c) Simon Balestrazzi- Persistence of memory (Boring Machines)
d) Teatro Satanico- Gatto (Steinklang)

a) del disco Aelter III (2011).
b) del disco Northern Pomerania movie Edition (2012).
c) del disco The Sky Is Full Of Kites (2012).
d) del disco Black Magick Block (2008).

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Non 42

Steve Lacy


a) Zusaan Kali Fasteau- Cosmopolis (Flying Note)
b) Rampersaud Shaw Martin Neal Krakowiak- Take me to your leader (Barnyard)
c) Steve Lacy- The woe- The wax (Emanem)
d) Perfumed Nightmare- The empress (From The Wheelchair To The Pulpit)
e) Undivided- What a big quiet nose (Multikulti)
f) Nobu Stowe & Alan Munshower with Badal Roy- Trio VI (Soul Note).

a) del disco Prophecy: The Whale & The Elefant Trade Notes on the State of the World (1993/Re:2011).
b) del disco Halcyon Science130410 (2011).
c) del disco The Sun (2011).
d) del disco Underpass (2006).
e) del disco Moves Between Clouds; Live in Warsaw (2011).
f) del disco An die Musik (2008).