Thursday, March 28, 2013

Non 72

Giuseppe Ielasi


a) Giuseppe Ielasi Kassel Jaeger- Grayscale (Editions Mego)
b) Florian Wittenburg- Chaos Baart Harmonie (Nurnichtnur)
c) Sleep Research Facility- Source 4 (Cold Spring)
d) Thomas Watkiss- The Patience Of Crows (The Seventh Media)

a) del disco Parallel/Grayscale (2013).
b) del disco Artefacts: Solo Electronics (2011).
c) del disco Stealth (2012).
d) del disco Ancestor Phase II: Machine (2009).

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Non 71

Mats Gustafsson


a) John Butcher- Egg (Northern Spy)
b) Eli Keszler- Mired 3 (NNA Tapes)
c) Mats Gustafsson- Side A(Utech)
d) Ben Bennett- If your bike gets stolen, it's probably worth putting up a sign offering a reward at the scene of the crime. I actually got my bike back that way (Experimedia)
e) Shiraishi Tamio- Track 4 (Pataphysique)
f) Mazen Kerbaj- Songs for Evan (Part 3 & 5) (Beirut Incognito)
g) John Stevens/Paul Rutherford/Evan Parker/ Barry Guy- 5, 4,4, (Emanem)

a) del disco Bell Trove Spools (2012).
b) del split Eli Keszler / Keith Fullerton Whitman (2012).
c) del disco Bengt (2012).
d) del disco Spoilage (2012).
e) del disco Alto Sax/Live Performances: 1992-1994 (1996).
f) del compilado Beirut Incognito (2001).
g) del disco 1 4 & 2 2s (1978-92) (2012).