Thursday, September 26, 2013

Non 89

Bruce Gilbert

a) Bruce Gilbert and BAW- Creatures of Sea and Air (Touch)
b) Lawrence English- Slide-Close (Winds Measure)
c) Bill Fontana- Multi-Channel Recording of a Woodpecker and Other Birds on a Lake in the Adirondack Mountains (Sierra Club)
d) Being- By Night (Wist)
e) Simon Scott-  _Sealevel.3 (12K)
f) Kaboom Karavan- Kartoon Kannibal (Miasmah)
g) Sleep Research Facility- Source4 (Cold Spring)
h) John Cohen- Long and Narrow (Exotic Pylon)

a) del disco Diluvial (2013).
b) del disco Studies for Stradbroke (2008/RE:2013).
c) del disco Field Recordings of Natural Sounds (1983).
d) del EP The Folkstone Lighthouse (2012).
e) del disco Below Sea Level (2012).
f) del disco Hokus Fokus (2013).
g) del disco Stealth (2012).
h) del disco Deaf Arena (2013)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Non 88



a) Loscil- City Hospital (Wist)
b) Murcof & Philippe Petit- The Summoning Of The Kraken (Aagoo/Rev Lab)
c) Kat Epple & Bob Stohl- Stellar Wanderer (Dead-Cert Home Entertainment)
d) Ariel Kalma- Planet-Air (Black Sweat)
e) Cristian Vogel- Invisible Planets (Sub Rosa)
f) Chris Watson- Haefest (Touch)

a) del EP City Hospital (2013).
b) del disco First Chapter (2013).
c) del disco Sanctus Spiritus (2013).
d) del disco Osmose (2013).
e) del disco Eselsbrücke (2013).
f) del disco In St Cuthbert's Time (2013).