Thursday, July 28, 2011

Non 19

Daniel Menche


a) Quetzolcoatl- Kneel like a wooden cougar in the earth (Ikuisuus).
b) Agnus Dei- Paternoster (Musik Atlach)
c) Israel Martinez- There were people I (Sub Rosa)
d) Daniel Menche & Anla Courtis- El relincho (MIE)
e) Daniel Blinkhorn- Grumble(R) (Quiet Design)
f) Wyndel Hunt- Oov (Dragon's Eye)

a) del disco Where Are We Going Sister (2006).
b) del disco Paternoster (2009)
c) del disco El Hombre Que Se Sofoca (2011)
d) del disco Yagua Ovy (2011).
e) del compilado Resonance: Steel Pan In The 21st Century (2007)
f) del disco Nk Ak (2007)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Non 18

Fabio Orsi

a) CM Von Hausswolff- The sleeper in the valley (Touch)
b) Joe Colley- Wild hope (Crippled Intellect)
c) Roger Alsop- CHASM (Frog Peak)
d) Will Montgomery (Brian Marley)- Legend (Speech) G (Entr'acte)
e) Fabio Orsi- Loipe 03 (Boring Machines)
f) Cory Allen- In search of Miracul (Quiet Design)
g) Svarte Greiner- Halves (Ghostly International)
h) Nicola Ratti- Cathrina (Die Schachtel)
i) Federico Durand- Nubes e insectos reflejados en un estanque (Flau)

a) del disco 800 000 Seconds In Harar (2011).
b) del disco Disasters Of Self (2010).
c) de el compilado The Frog Peak Collaborations Project (1998).
d) del disco Legend (2009).
e) del disco Wo Ist Behle? (2011).
f) del disco The Fourth Way (2008).
g) del compilado SMM: Context (2011).
h) del disco 220 Tones (2011).
i) del compilado 31 Songs For Japan (2011).