Thursday, February 23, 2012

Non 41

BIll Dixon


a) William Parker- Green mountains (for Bill Dixon) (Centering)
b) The Bill Dixon Orchestra- Voices (RCA)
c) Andre Vida- Child real eyes (Pan)
d) Roland P Young- Twirling (EM)
e) Mostly Other People Do The Killing- Evans city (Clean Feed)
f) Bon-No-Kubo- Untitled 6 (P.S.F.)
g) SYCH- Hermetic mosaic (Strange Attractors Audio House)
h) AIMToronto Orchestra- Year of the boar (Barnyard)
i) Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack- Exacerbator (Porter)

a) del disco Crumbling in The Shadows is Fraulein Miller's Stale Cake (2011).
b) del disco Intents And Purposes (1967).
c) del disco Brud Vol. I (2011).
d) del disco Istet Serenade (2009).
e) del disco The Coimbra Concert (2011).
f) del disco 盆ノ窪 (2009).
g) del disco Lunar Roulette (2011).
h) del disco Year Of The Boar (2011).
i) del disco Cracked Refraction (2012).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Non 40

Demdike Stare


a) Oren Ambarchi- Passage (Touch)
b) Mpala Garoo- Fatu Hiva feeling (Digitalis)
c) Demdike Stare- Falling off the edge (Modern Love)
d) The Caretaker- Approaching the outer limits of our solar system (History Always Favours The Winners)
e) Axs- Island at the brink of time (Silent Season)
f) Rusted Rainbow- Bella convulsa (Tiger Asylum)
g) Porter Ricks- Biokinetics 2 (Chain Reaction)
h) Oval- Instantan 1+2 (Shitkatapult)
i) Supersilent- 11.3 (Rune Grammofon)
j) Eli Keszler- Cold Pin I (PAN)

a) del disco Audience Of One (2012).
b) del disco Sur Satori (2011).
c) del disco Elemental Part Three:Rose (2012).
d) del disco Patience (After Sebald) (2012).
e) del disco Arctic Circle (2011).
f) del disco Machine Translation of Texts (2010).
g) del disco Biokinetics (1996)
h) del disco OvalDNA (2011).
i) del disco 11 (2010).
j) del disco Cold Pin (2011).

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Non 39

Ivor Kallin de Barrel


a) Sachiko & Fukuoka Rinji- Prayer of a fool 2011 (Musik Atlach)
b) Torlesse Super Group- Erewhon Sentinel Number 1 (Rebis)
c) Barrel- Moths and feathers (Emanem)

a) del disco áTOMO∑ (2011).
b) del disco TSG (2011).
c) del disco Gratuitous Abuse (2011).