Thursday, November 28, 2013

Non 94

Sam Shalabi


a) Sam Shalabi- A Duck Inside you (Los Discos Enfantasmes)
b) Tuluum Shimmering- Spirit of Sun (Aguirre)
c) Adrian Corker- Shifting Grains (Village Green)
d) Ken Camden- Eta Carinae (Kranky)

a) del 2xKCT Mindlessness (2013).
b) del disco Ulau/Spirit of Sun (2013).
c) del disco Raise (2013)
d) del disco Space Mirror (2013).

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Non 93

Chris Corsano


a) Matthew Shipp- Surface to Curve (Thirsty Ear)
d) Joe McPheeChris Corsano- For Giuseppi Logan (Roaratorio)
e) Chris Corsano- Fed Ex'd Gorilla (Hot Cars Warp)
f) Chris Corsano- The Disciple (Hot Cars Warp)
h) Bill Orcutt- Black Betty (Editions Mego)

a) del disco Piana Sutras (2013).
b) del disco Rex, Wrecks & XXX (2013).
c) del disco What/If/They Both Could Fly (2013).
d) del disco Under A Double Moon  (2011).
e) del disco Cut (2012).
f) del disco Cut (2012).
g) del disco The Raw and The Cooked (2013).
h) del disco A History of Every One (2013).

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Non 92

Marginal Consort


a) Lawrence English- Chamber (Winds Measure)
b) Mika Vainio/Joachim Nordwall- Alloy Ceremony (Touch)
c) Marginal Consort- Part D (PAN)
d) Jerry Hunt- Chimanzzi: Drape: Link (Pogus)
e) Helm- The Haze (PAN)

a) del disco Suikinkutsu No Katawara Ni (2013).
b) del disco Monstrance (2013).
c) del disco INSTAL. Glasgow 2008 (2013).
d) del disco Haramand Plane: Three Translation Links (2013).
e) del disco Silencer (2013).

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Non 91

John Tchicai


a) Lol CoxhillMichel Doneda- LC Solo (Emanem)
b) Wadada Leo Smith & TUMO- The Bell- 2 (TUM)
c) John Tchicai, Charlie Kohlhase, Garrison Fewell, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart- Llanto Del Indio (No Buisness)
d) Roscoe Mitchell, Tony Marsh, John Edwards- Side C (Otoroku)
e) Albert Ayler Quartet- Spirits (ESP Disk)

a) del disco Sitting On Your Stairs (2013).
b) del disco Occupy The World (2013).
c) del disco Tribal Ghost (2013).
d) del disco Improvisations (2013).
e) del disco The Hilversum Session (2007).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Non 90

Agustí Fernández


a) Arve Henriksen- Portal (Rune Grammofon)
b) Ensemble Lakonia- Passage (Compunctio)
c) Susana Santos Silva, Torbjörn Zetterberg- Feet Machine Song (Clean Feed)
d) Baars Kneer Elgart- Fundamental Ambush (Evil Rabbit)
e) Agustí Fernández/Mats Gustafsson/Ramon Prats- Contamination Control (Discordian)
f) Lisa Ullén, Nina de HeneyOkkyung Lee- Uncoiled Tint (LJ)
g) Peter BrötzmannPeeter Uuskyla- Born Broke (Atavistic)
h) Merzbow/Mats Gustafsson/Balázs Pándi- The Fear Too. Invisible. (RareNoise)

a) del disco Places Of Worship (2013).
b) del disco Nattens Iåvsong (2013).
c) del disco Almost Tomorrow (2013).
d) del disco Give No Quarter (2013).
e) del disco Breakin The Lab! (2013).
f) del disco Look Right (2013).
g) del disco Born Broke (2008).
h) del disco Cuts (2013).

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Non 89

Bruce Gilbert

a) Bruce Gilbert and BAW- Creatures of Sea and Air (Touch)
b) Lawrence English- Slide-Close (Winds Measure)
c) Bill Fontana- Multi-Channel Recording of a Woodpecker and Other Birds on a Lake in the Adirondack Mountains (Sierra Club)
d) Being- By Night (Wist)
e) Simon Scott-  _Sealevel.3 (12K)
f) Kaboom Karavan- Kartoon Kannibal (Miasmah)
g) Sleep Research Facility- Source4 (Cold Spring)
h) John Cohen- Long and Narrow (Exotic Pylon)

a) del disco Diluvial (2013).
b) del disco Studies for Stradbroke (2008/RE:2013).
c) del disco Field Recordings of Natural Sounds (1983).
d) del EP The Folkstone Lighthouse (2012).
e) del disco Below Sea Level (2012).
f) del disco Hokus Fokus (2013).
g) del disco Stealth (2012).
h) del disco Deaf Arena (2013)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Non 88



a) Loscil- City Hospital (Wist)
b) Murcof & Philippe Petit- The Summoning Of The Kraken (Aagoo/Rev Lab)
c) Kat Epple & Bob Stohl- Stellar Wanderer (Dead-Cert Home Entertainment)
d) Ariel Kalma- Planet-Air (Black Sweat)
e) Cristian Vogel- Invisible Planets (Sub Rosa)
f) Chris Watson- Haefest (Touch)

a) del EP City Hospital (2013).
b) del disco First Chapter (2013).
c) del disco Sanctus Spiritus (2013).
d) del disco Osmose (2013).
e) del disco Eselsbrücke (2013).
f) del disco In St Cuthbert's Time (2013).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Non 87

Matthew Shipp


a) Andreas Eklöf- Tiento I (Ambience Version) (Compunctio)
b) Paul Bley Trio- Sideways In Mexico (ESP Disk)
c) Evan ParkerMatthew Shipp- Rex 5 (RougeArt)
d) Nate Wooley Sextet- My Story, My Story (Clean Feed)
e) Brian Groder and Tonino Miano- Optika (Latham/Impressus)
f) Spontaneous Music Ensemble- 2.B. Ornette (Emanem)
g) Wadada Leo Smith & TUMO- Queen Hatshepsut (TUM)
h) Miles Davis Quintet- It's About Time (Columbia)
i) Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet- Spiritual Mars (Delmark)

a) del disco Nor. (2008).
b) del disco Closer (1966/RE:2013).
c) del disco Rex, Wrecks & XXX (2013).
d) del disco (Sit In) The Throne Of Friendship (2013).
e) del disco FluiDensity (2013).
f) del disco Challenge (1966/RE:2013).
g) del disco Occupy The World (2013).
h) del disco Live In Europe 1969 The Bootleg Series Vol. 2 (2013).
i) del disco Stellar Pulsations (2012).

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Non 86

Mika Vainio


a) Marina Rosenfeld- New York/Empire of State (Room 40)
b) Eugene Carchesio- c6 (Room 40)
c) Shifted- Untitled (Unknown Precept)
d) Mika Vanio- Sub-Atlantic (Blast First Petite)
e) Giuseppe Ielasi- 04 (Self Released)
f) Rashad Becker- Dances II (PAN)
g) Cristian Vogel- Particles (Sub Rosa)
h) Neotantrik- Intervisionary Heretic (Pre-Cert Home Entertainment)
i) Nate Young- The Bastards Gums (NNA Tapes)
j) Stained Afro- Supplemental Shale (Must Die)
k) HELM- Stained Glass Electric (PAN)
l) Rene Hell- Meta Concrete (NNA Tapes)

a) del disco P.A.- Hard Love (2013).
b) del disco Concert for One Person in a Small Room (2013).
c) del compilado The Black Ideal (2013).
d) del disco Kilo (2013).
e) del disco (Or a Set of Models) (2013).
f) del disco Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I (2013)
g) del disco Eselsbrücke (2013).
h) del disco Intervisions (2013).
i) del disco Regression: Blinding Confusion (2013).
j) del disco Supplemental Shale (2013).
k) del disco Impossible Symmetry (2012).
l) del split Oneohtrix Point Never/Rene Hell Split (2012).

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Non 85

Joe McPhee


a) Susana Santos Silva, Torbjörn Zetterberg- Columbus arrival in Härjedalen (Clean Feed)
b) The Element ChoirWilliam Parker- At Christ Church Deer Park (Barnyard)
c) Joe McPhee- Episode Two (For Ornette Coleman) (Clean Feed)

a) del disco Almost Tomorrow (2013).
b) del disco At Christ Church Deer Park (2011).
c) del disco Sonic Elements (2013).

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Non 84

Billy Gomberg


a) Billy Gomberg- False Heat Pt. 2 (False)
b) Jorge Antunes- Mixolydia (Pogus)
c) Paul Metzger- Sepulchre (Nero's Neptune)
d) Revolutionary Ensemble- Fulfillment (Mutable)
e) Spontaneous Music Ensemble- Newcastle 78A (Emanem)

a) del disco False Heat (2013).
b) del disco In Defense Of The Machine; Works for Instruments and Electronics By Jorge Antunes (2013).
c) del disco Tombeaux (2013).
d) del disco Counterparts (2012).
e) del disco New Surfacing 1978 & 1992 (1978/1994 RE:2013).

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Non 83

AGF (Antye Greie-Ripatti)


a) Scott Smallwood, Sawako, Seth Cluett, Ben Owen, And Civyiu Kkliu- Phonography Meeting 070823 (Winds Measure)
b) AGF- Breathing In Lines (Line Segments)
c) Felicia Atkinson- Anita (Space Slave)

a) del disco Phonography Meeting 070823 (2011).
b) del disco Source Voice (2013).
c) del disco A River (2012).

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Non 82

Svarte Greiner


a) Sachiko- zUnya (Musik Atlatch)
b) Svarte Greiner- Black Tie (Miasmah)

a) del disco zUnya (2009).
b) del disco Black Tie (2013).

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Non 81

David Vélez


a) Annea Lockwood- Untitled 4 (3LEAVES)
b) David Vélez- El pájaro que escucha (3LEAVES)

a) del disco A Soundmap Of The Housatonic River (2013).
b) del disco El Pajaro Que Escucha (2012).

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Non 80

Nate Wooley

a) Peter Evans Quintet- The Big Crunch (More Is More)
b) Nate Wooley- The Almond (Pogus)

a) del disco Ghosts (2011).
b) del disco The Almond (2011).

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Non 79

William Basinski


a) Mordant Music- Hoarded House (reMMix Fredit) (Public Information)
b) Demdike Stare- Grows Without Bound (Modern Love)
c) Asmus TietchensPflegekammer West, Aufs Maul, Aufstand Der Massen, Xenophobie, Mammi Money, Pflegekammer Extern, Heimholung (Esplendor Geometrico/Die Stadt/Auf Abwegen)
d) Freya Aswyn/Les Joyaux De La Princesse- Invocation of the Gods (instrumental) (Self Released)
e) William Basinski- The Trail of Tears (2062)

a) del compilado Interpretations On F.C. Judd (2013).
b) del disco Testpressing #002 (2013).
c) del disco Stupor Mundi (1990/RE:2012)
d) del disco Wolf Rune (1997)
e) del disco Nocturnes (2013).

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Non 78

Graham Lambkin (derecha), Keith Rowe (izquierda)


a) Rolf Julius- Music for a glimpse inward (Western Vinyl)
b) Lawrence English- White throated toucan dawn display Amazon Brazil (Room 40)
c) Jason Lescalleet- In the morning, in the winter shade, on the first of March, on the holiday (Erstwhile)
d) Mike Cooper- What cares paradise (Room 40)
e) Being- By day (Wist Rec.)
f) Tomás Tello- Canto 2 (Deep White Sound)
g) David Stalling/Anthony Kelly- Ghost signal (Aphasia)
h) Keith Rowe & Graham Lambkin- Over C (Erstwhile)
i) Annea Lockwood- Untitled (3LEAVES)

a) del disco Raining- Small Music No. 3 (2012).
b) del disco Songs Of The Living And The Lived In (2012).
c) del disco Songs About Nothing (2012).
d) del disco White Shadows In The South Seas (2013).
e) del EP The Folkestone Lighthouse (2012).
f) del disco El Silencio Sísmico (2013).
g) del disco Urban Utopias: Field Recordings And Compositions From The Built Environment (2007).
h) del disco Making A (2013).
i) del disco A Sound Map Of The Housatonic River (2013).

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Non 77

Mark Fell


a) Florian Wittenburg- Three Drones II (Nurnichtnur)
b) Walter Casas- La Creación (Pogus)
c) David Hicks- Influx / Phreakish (2005) (Open Space)
d) Conlon Nancarrow- Study For Player Piano No. 30 For Prepared Piano (Other Minds)
e) Lou Cohen- Homage To Cage (Pogus)
f) Mark Fell- That (Editions Mego)

a) del disco Sympathetic, (a)Symmetric-New Music For Piano (2012).
b) del compilado Tensions At The Vanguard: New Music From Peru (1948-1979) (2012).
c) del compilado JKR Pass 3 Music For Jim Randall's 75th Birthday By His Friends (2007)
d) del disco Lost Works, Last Works (2000).
e) del disco Music (2013).
f) del disco Periodic Orbit Of Dynamic System Related To A Knot (2011).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Non 76

J. Spaceman


a) Pharmakon- Decline One (Bloodlust!)
b) J. Spaceman- Guitar Loops (Treader)
c)  Zs- Grain Part One (Northern Spy)

a) del EP Pharmakon (2009).
b) del disco Guitar Loops (2005).
c) del disco Grain (2013).

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Non 75

Joe McPhee 


a) Magda Mayas- Bolzano (Unsounds)
b) Lotz/Kneer- Beach life (Evil Rabbit)
c) Charlotte Hug & Frédéric Blondy- La Belle Sultane (Emanem)
d) Revolutionary Ensemble- Configuration (Mutable)
e)  Martin/Lozano/Lewis/Wiens/Duncan- Social Insects (Barnyard)
f) Decoy with Joe McPhee- Spontaneous Combustion (Otoroku)

a) de la descarga Free Download #4 (2013).
b) del disco u-ex(perimental) (2012).
c) del disco Boquet (2012).
d) del disco Counterparts (2013).
e) del disco At Canterbury (2013).
f) del disco Spontaneous Combustion (2012)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Non 74


a) Mohammad- Liberig Min (PAN)
b) Aaron Dilloway- Songs About Jason B (Hanson)
c) Geoff Mullen- Filtered Water Part 1 (Type)
d) Jefre Cantu-Ledesma- Speaking Corpse II (Los Discos Enfantasmes)

a) del disco Som Sakrifis (2013).
b) del cassette Songs Abou Jason (2013).
c) del disco Filtered Water (2013).
d) del cassette Speaking Corpse (2012).

Friday, April 12, 2013

Non 73

Tara Burke


a) Lee Patterson & Vanessa Rossetto- An indication of presence (Another Timbre)
b) Father Murphy- Orsanti (Avant!/Yerevant)
d) Tara BurkeHelena EspvallAlec Redfearn and Sharron Kraus- Seal woman's lament (Self Released)
e) Pelt- Ashes of a photograph (MIE)

a) del disco Temperament as waveform (2013).
b) del disco Orsanti (2013).
c) del disco Beyond All Defects (2012).
d) del compilado For Lee Jackson In Space (2012).
e) del disco Effigy (2012).

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Non 72

Giuseppe Ielasi


a) Giuseppe Ielasi Kassel Jaeger- Grayscale (Editions Mego)
b) Florian Wittenburg- Chaos Baart Harmonie (Nurnichtnur)
c) Sleep Research Facility- Source 4 (Cold Spring)
d) Thomas Watkiss- The Patience Of Crows (The Seventh Media)

a) del disco Parallel/Grayscale (2013).
b) del disco Artefacts: Solo Electronics (2011).
c) del disco Stealth (2012).
d) del disco Ancestor Phase II: Machine (2009).

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Non 71

Mats Gustafsson


a) John Butcher- Egg (Northern Spy)
b) Eli Keszler- Mired 3 (NNA Tapes)
c) Mats Gustafsson- Side A(Utech)
d) Ben Bennett- If your bike gets stolen, it's probably worth putting up a sign offering a reward at the scene of the crime. I actually got my bike back that way (Experimedia)
e) Shiraishi Tamio- Track 4 (Pataphysique)
f) Mazen Kerbaj- Songs for Evan (Part 3 & 5) (Beirut Incognito)
g) John Stevens/Paul Rutherford/Evan Parker/ Barry Guy- 5, 4,4, (Emanem)

a) del disco Bell Trove Spools (2012).
b) del split Eli Keszler / Keith Fullerton Whitman (2012).
c) del disco Bengt (2012).
d) del disco Spoilage (2012).
e) del disco Alto Sax/Live Performances: 1992-1994 (1996).
f) del compilado Beirut Incognito (2001).
g) del disco 1 4 & 2 2s (1978-92) (2012).

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Non 70

Keith Rowe


a) Chris Watson- Bucaneve (Fondazione Edmund Mach/LoL)
b) Keith Rowe- Concentration of the stare (Bottrop-Boy)
c) Sudden Infant- Hysterical type of gaseous abdominal bloating(SSSM)

a) del disco Cima Verde (2008).
b) del disco Concentration Of The Stare (2011).
c) del disco Ear Wash (2003).

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Non 69

Jar Moff


a) Yann Novak- Silent.Loop.001 (Drone)
b) Sleep Research Facility- Stealth2 (Cold Spring)
c) Ethernet- Correction (Kranky)
d) Jar Moff- Commercial mouth (PAN)
e) Tim HeckerDaniel Lopatin- Vaccination (for Thomas Mann) (Software)
f) Francisco Lopez- Untitled #303 (Unsounds)

a) del disco DRONE-MIND//MIND-DRONE - Vol. 2 (2012).
b) del disco Stealth (2012).
c) del disco Opus 2 (2013).
d) del disco Commercial Mouth (2013).
e) del disco Instrumental Tourist (2012).
f) del descarga gratis en (2013).

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Non 68

Miles Davis


a) John Coltrane/Alice Coltrane- Lord help me to be (Impulse!)
b) Albert Ayler- Our prayer (Revenant)
c) Miles Davis Quintet- It's about that time (Columbia)
d) Ronnie Boykins- Tipping on heels (ESP Disk)
e) The Group- La placita (No Business)
f) William Parker- We the people that are darker than blue (AUM Fidelity)

a) del disco Cosmic Music (1968).
b) del box set Holy Ghost (2004).
c) del disco Live In Europe 1969 The Bootleg Series Vol. 2 (2013).
d) del disco The Will Come, Is Now (1975/RE:2009).
e) del disco en Live (2012).
f) del disco I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield (2010).

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Non 67

                                            Toshi Ichiyanagi


a) Akio Suzuki/Lawrence English- Ficus Watkinsiana (Winds Measure)
b) Edgar Valcárcel- Invención for magnetic tape (1967) (Pogus)
c) Toshi Ichiyanagi- Music for piano #7 (EM/Edition Omega Point)
d) Eli Keszler- Catching net (String quartet, piano, installation) (PAN)
e) Charlemagne Palestine- One + Two + Three Fifths In The Rhythm Three Against Two For Bösendorfer Piano (Alga Marghen)
f) Ilhan Mimaroglu- Prelude No. 11 (Finnadar)
g) Stian Westerhus- Like passing rain through 9 lives (Rune Grammofon)
h) Kassel Jaeger- Deltas (Editions Mego)

a) del disco Boombana Echos (2012).
b) del compilado Tensions At The Vanguard: New Music From Peru (1948-1979) (2012).
c) del disco John Cage Shock (2012).
d) del disco Catching Net (Installations-Compostions (2012).
e) del disco Four Manifestations On Six Elements (1974/RE:2010).
f) del compilado Criminal Record (1989).
g) del disco The Matriarch And The Wrong Kind Of Flowers (2012).
h) del disco Deltas (2012).

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Non 66

                                                            Jakob Ullmann


a) Jakob Ullmann- Disappearing Musics for Six Players (More or Less) (1989-1991) (Edition RZ)
b) Eliane Radigue- Stress-Osaka (June 1969) (Alga Marghen)
c) Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe- M'Bondo (Type)

a) del box set Fremde Zeit-Addendum (2012).
b) del disco Feedback Works (2012).
c) del disco Timon Irnok Manta (2012).

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Non 65

                                                        Nate Wooley


a) Wadada Leo Smith- America, Pts. 1-3 (Cuneiform)
b) Tim Berne- Scanners (ECM)
c) Joe Morris, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver- Mesosphere (Aum Fidelity)
d) RED Trio + Nate Wooley- Ellipse (Clean Feed)
e) Stephen O'MalleySteve Noble- Side A (Bo'Weavil)

a) del disco Ten Freedom Summers (2012).
b) del disco Snaekoil (2012).
c) del disco Altitude (2012).
d) del disco STEM (2012).
e) del disco St. Francis Duo (2012).