Thursday, May 30, 2013

Non 79

William Basinski


a) Mordant Music- Hoarded House (reMMix Fredit) (Public Information)
b) Demdike Stare- Grows Without Bound (Modern Love)
c) Asmus TietchensPflegekammer West, Aufs Maul, Aufstand Der Massen, Xenophobie, Mammi Money, Pflegekammer Extern, Heimholung (Esplendor Geometrico/Die Stadt/Auf Abwegen)
d) Freya Aswyn/Les Joyaux De La Princesse- Invocation of the Gods (instrumental) (Self Released)
e) William Basinski- The Trail of Tears (2062)

a) del compilado Interpretations On F.C. Judd (2013).
b) del disco Testpressing #002 (2013).
c) del disco Stupor Mundi (1990/RE:2012)
d) del disco Wolf Rune (1997)
e) del disco Nocturnes (2013).

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Non 78

Graham Lambkin (derecha), Keith Rowe (izquierda)


a) Rolf Julius- Music for a glimpse inward (Western Vinyl)
b) Lawrence English- White throated toucan dawn display Amazon Brazil (Room 40)
c) Jason Lescalleet- In the morning, in the winter shade, on the first of March, on the holiday (Erstwhile)
d) Mike Cooper- What cares paradise (Room 40)
e) Being- By day (Wist Rec.)
f) Tomás Tello- Canto 2 (Deep White Sound)
g) David Stalling/Anthony Kelly- Ghost signal (Aphasia)
h) Keith Rowe & Graham Lambkin- Over C (Erstwhile)
i) Annea Lockwood- Untitled (3LEAVES)

a) del disco Raining- Small Music No. 3 (2012).
b) del disco Songs Of The Living And The Lived In (2012).
c) del disco Songs About Nothing (2012).
d) del disco White Shadows In The South Seas (2013).
e) del EP The Folkestone Lighthouse (2012).
f) del disco El Silencio Sísmico (2013).
g) del disco Urban Utopias: Field Recordings And Compositions From The Built Environment (2007).
h) del disco Making A (2013).
i) del disco A Sound Map Of The Housatonic River (2013).

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Non 77

Mark Fell


a) Florian Wittenburg- Three Drones II (Nurnichtnur)
b) Walter Casas- La Creación (Pogus)
c) David Hicks- Influx / Phreakish (2005) (Open Space)
d) Conlon Nancarrow- Study For Player Piano No. 30 For Prepared Piano (Other Minds)
e) Lou Cohen- Homage To Cage (Pogus)
f) Mark Fell- That (Editions Mego)

a) del disco Sympathetic, (a)Symmetric-New Music For Piano (2012).
b) del compilado Tensions At The Vanguard: New Music From Peru (1948-1979) (2012).
c) del compilado JKR Pass 3 Music For Jim Randall's 75th Birthday By His Friends (2007)
d) del disco Lost Works, Last Works (2000).
e) del disco Music (2013).
f) del disco Periodic Orbit Of Dynamic System Related To A Knot (2011).

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Non 76

J. Spaceman


a) Pharmakon- Decline One (Bloodlust!)
b) J. Spaceman- Guitar Loops (Treader)
c)  Zs- Grain Part One (Northern Spy)

a) del EP Pharmakon (2009).
b) del disco Guitar Loops (2005).
c) del disco Grain (2013).